It is not in our style to publish reviews (which may not be genuine and / or too generic) or ask Customers for reference letters. Also, although there is nothing to hide, our customers love some privacy and then we are not a hotel or restaurant that needs to be reviewed in public. Nevertheless, the satisfaction of our Customers and the excellent human and professional relationship we have established with them are such as to allow us, upon the request of serious people, to contact them directly to know “how they are” with us and What do they think of the investment made? We also design cases of our customers so excited and happy to be our active employees (of course this is demonstrable). However, we want to filter requests so as not to abuse the courtesy of the customers themselves and “disturb them” only if necessary to seriously investigate before formalizing an investment. Our customers have a name and surname, a phone number, an email address and the investment they have made with us is verifiable. It seems more serious and respectful of our audience to act rather than, as someone does, to publish reviews full of compliments made by unidentifiable people who often only publish the name of baptism and the presumed city of residence. We hope you appreciate our modus operandi and we are at your disposal for any further inquiry.