Fast Guide


Our products are expected to earn around 10% per annum annually, often guaranteed for 10 years and with predetermined repurchase agreements if you want to venture out of the investment.

Availability generally ends within a couple of months since projects are being advertised, as they are attractive worldwide investments and are certainly not reserved to the Italian market alone; For this reason they should be taken (or left) as they are, no particular requests can be made, personam or pretended to book them and then salad them in 6 months etc …

Reservations can be made almost always with a very low sum, around £ 1,000 (there may be small project variations per project); The balance must then be paid within a timely interval of 25 to 60 days.
Payments are made on Escrow Account / Client Account, that is, on a security account (regulated by law) managed by the Legal Office and are then transferred to the seller only when the title is transferred.

One of the Legal Studies of our team (if you like), with Headquarters in London, speaks Italian and will be your consultant; You will submit and explain the contractuality in Italian and for any doubt or question you will find answers. Only when you approve and grant legal permission to pay the funds will they be transferred to the seller’s law.

You can rogue while staying comfortably in Italy.

Small note about “ REGIONAL EXPENDITURE ” – all over the world when you make a real estate investment you have legal fees, taxes, stamps, notices, real estate agencies, etc …; The comparison between Italy and England is impetuous . In Italy, if you buy a second home, for example, the value of 100,000 euros, you pay a registration tax of 9%; To this is added 4% of commission of the real estate agency and then there are the parcel of the notary, stamps, cadastral taxes, mortgages, etc …. For approximately 2.500 / 3.000 euros (2.5-3% more). On an investment of 100,000 euros, in Italy there is an incidence of expenditure of about 16%, while in England, on our products for investment use, TOTAL EXPENSES between the Law Firm, administration fees and our parcel , Are around 5%.

Returning to the investment, we point out that you own 100% of the unit you buy and the property is registered with the land registry; If you even buy 3-4 units you do not have any additional privileges (special discounts or conditions) as these investments are born for cuts of at least £ 500,000 and so it is already exceptional to be able to sell them “retail” even for those who want to invest lower figures .

The products are very simple: they are buying units (hospital rooms) at Residenze Sanitarie or at the Hotel; The structures are already built and are just being refurbished / upgraded (no project is purchased) so there is no builder who can fail without ending the construction or similar things.

With some of the construction companies we have been working for years and have already completed many projects.

THE BUYER CAN EXERCISE THE DISPOSAL PATENT (TO THE MANUFACTURER) AT THE END OF THE 10TH YEAR at the default price of 125% (or at the end of the 6th year, usually 110% -115% depending on the specific project) It makes 100% overwhelmed.

It is also planned to sell their contract to third parties on the free market.

In England on these products, NON-RESIDENTS DO NOT PAY OWNERSHIP CHARGES, NEXT, INCOME (up to £ 11,500 taxable / year).

Sometimes the builder also proposes partial zero-rate financing that also brings ROI to 18%; In these cases you have to take flight opportunities as this promotion is reserved only to the sales of the first units to launch a project.
The speech, however, is merely mathematical and very simple.

We can also employ companies to make use of this tool.

Legal and administrative fees for rogue are much lower than in Italy and are around £ 2,000 per unit.

There is no management burden and there is nothing to think about, apart from a classic apartment purchase (where there may be a breakdown, a morgent tenant, etc.).
Annual annuities can be paid on both an Italian current account and any other part of the world.

The products are presented during our MEETING; See the SEMINARS section.