Our service obviously includes consultancy fees for our services; sometimes someone has argued that if he buys it directly from the builder or some other agents, he could avoid such costs and therefore asks us:

“Why pay a commission when I heard that you can buy it directly without charges?”

Here’s the answer:

Because our brokerage figure allows you to take advantage of:
• Presence of real places in Italy where you can always find us
• Possibility to always call an Italian number, IN ENGLISH and without time spur
• Our constant “bridge” service between you and the foreign country you invest
• Specific Italian number dedicated to Customer Support
• Email service with response within 1 business day
• Assistance for your communications with foreign lawyers and builders
• Consultancy and support to resolve any doubts even during atypical and weekends
• Direct assistance for tax issues both in the foreign country and in Italy
• Assistance in compiling, authenticating and sending Foreign Lawyers of all the documentation needed to perfect the investment
• Assistance for your “English” to send emails and communications with the foreign country in general
• Assistance for a correct understanding of the meaning of the various purchase contracts
• Assistance to the Attorneys’ Compliance Requirements to Perform Anti-Money Laundering Verifications in Your Comparisons
• Assistance for tax returns in the foreign country
• Direct Relationships with Financial Brokers to allow you to transfer currency at best market conditions
• Our long experience in international investment and in managing and solving all the issues that may arise during the completion of the purchase
• Post-Sales Assistance
• Assistance and advice on your will to resell the product
• The telephone numbers of our Head Office are the same as in 2006 and our President’s mobile phone business has been unchanged since 1997
• Our Legal and Operational Headquarters in Via Revoltella 115, in Trieste, is not in a business center but it is ours and has been active since 2006 in terms of business stability and financial soundness.

Do you still want to save on our advice and do everything yourself?