About us



We are a highly specialized INVESTMENTS IN GUARANTEED INVESTMENTS in the UN RESIDENTIALmarket of the United Kingdom. We offer the possibility of investing in products that are seen as atypical in Italy, such as hotel rooms and healthcare facilities, with PRESSED CONTRACTS, from 10% per annum upwards, even for periods of 10 years or more.

We work in the business consulting required to optimize the private and entrepreneurial assets of the company, also with professional tax advice and tax planning to achieve the best result in the present but above all in the future. We want to be your consultants also for the establishment of companies and the subsequent accounting and to assist you in the fulfillment of the institutions.

We support our customer in the PROTECTION OF FAMILY HERITAGE , PROVIDING YOU A SOLID SAFETY FOREVER , not only through real estate purchase but also through targeted strategic consultancy aimed at maximizing results even under the fiscal aspect, leveraging the tools that legislation puts us Available and often unknown or known in a way too rough.



The evolution of the regulatory framework (see for example the now legendary “bail in”) and the uncertainty of Italian real estate rules, in fact require a new function for realtors. We wanted to anticipate the times and specialize in this direction.

Today’s realtors often do not even have to go to the site, as the quality of the investment is given by financial parameters rather than architectural.

We do not deal with timeshare ; You own 100% and the title of property is transcribed to the English land registry, so you are in all respects “4-walled owners” and not promises.


We specialize in these pure-use investment products, which guarantee unbeatable performance in the Italian market.

Our Customers are from micro-investors with a budget below 100,000 euros to be reimbursed, to people with important budgets looking for a completely dedicated project, starting from £ 2,000,000.Our strength is to be able to make available to mini investors the products that are usually reserved for large customers such as banks, investment funds and so on.

We initially proposed cuts of at least £ 500,000, but now, thanks to the conventions and good relations with the manufacturers , we can offer these yields even to those who want to test the product and buy “retail” even just 1-2 units.

We follow you throughout the process ranging from unit booking to rogue, post-sale and possible re-sale on the free market of your investment.

We can then provide you with the best legal, tax, and tax assistance through our Partners, which are certified and trusted Legal Studies and Accountants specialized in international operations.