Nuovi piani di investimento a partire da 15.000 €uro: contattateci per saperne di piú       •       New investment plans starting from 15,000 euros. To find out more, contact us       •



EURO 11,300: NET 7,40 %

Code” Xvir CE 01 “: is one of our new alternative investments in the RSA sector. These are investment solutions EXTRA SMALL. It starts at £ 10,000 (currently 11,300 euros), with net yields reaching...


EURO 28.000: 12% NETTO ANNUO

Codice “BOUT CE 02″: è uno dei nostri nuovi investimenti alternativi 2018! Soluzioni di investimento “SMALL” – BREVE PERIODO. Si parte da £ 25.000 (ad oggi circa 28.000 Euro), con RESA NETTA DEL 18%...

Liverpool by night

Office space from £ 22,500 – up to 15%

WARNING: LIMITED PRODUCT! You have read well, our proposals are now starting with only about € 25,000 with NETTE yields up to 15% and a repurchase agreement from the 3rd year if you want...